joseph ismail
agent #911
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joseph ismail a.k.a tudor rose
this is rentnercollective?
position: curator
duration 1 year approx (feb 03 - mar 04)
salary: none
job description:
ahmed baradah
rupert jaeger

the players
A constant theme was this engagement in rentner as an identity, an unknown identity, an identity yet to be marked. An identity to be interpreted, scrutinised and progressed. It was my job to provide the context for this engagement & interpretation I wanted to subconsciously plant rentner in the minds of the artists, to the point where they simply worked in the context of it I tried to communicate as much as I could with all the artists, and implant this rentner bug into their minds.
  It worked differently and individually for each person It was important that the artists knew they had freedom to interpret this mind control as they wanted

Part 2
I was interested in rentner as a structure, and the functionality of that structure Question: How do you bring together seven individual artists working in conceptual art, fine art, installation art, time based art and interactive art, into one exhibition that still makes any sense? There were divides within the group People engaged more than others The exhibition was disconnected I wanted to connect that disconnection I wanted to expose the differences & conflicts, rather than hide them I wanted to stretch the divide, until collapse, rather than contract the divide to anal retentiveness